VinylMaster Xpt

VinylMaster Xpt is a full featured graphics design, RIP print and cut software package offering a complete solution for all your sign making needs. Packed with tools and features to design and output vinyl signs with a vinyl sign cutting plotter, along with decals and stickers right through to banners, full color posters and super sites with a large format printer or printer-cutter.*

VinylMaster Xpt is dedicated graphics and sign software for:

  • Designing the highest quality artwork
  • Providing you with a powerful suite of design tools and features
  • Laying out your artwork and designs professionally and easily
  • Publishing your artwork to a super high resolution PDF or CMYK .tif
  • Cutting your artwork from a vinyl cutter including laser/ARMS cutters, engraver or router
  • Printing your artwork from a large format printer or printer cutter (RIP, print and cut)


VinylMaster Xpt includes the following tools and features plus much more:

  • 3D shading (special effects), 3D modeling (in 3D space) and vector effects
  • Vectorizer module for super accurate tracing of images, including low quality .jpegs (unmatched in the industry)
  • Image (bitmap) editing tools and special effects tools for bitmaps
  • Mask editor for easy and accurate background removal from images (bitmaps), vignettes and transparencies
  • Contour cutting wizard for powerful print and cut tools from two or more devices
  • Font Detective with optical character recognition – OCR (also works with full color artwork)
  • AI, DXF, EPS, PDF and SVG import/export (including curves, images, gradients etc.)
  • RIP for the richest of colors from a large format printer* (multiple jobs, nesting, ICC profiles etc.)
  • Cutfile documents with speed-weed, easy-lift and alignment marks plus a vinyl spooler for powerful and rapid cutting
  • Professional text, curve and image tools and features
  • Over 5,000 direct vinyl cutter drivers included
  • 13,900 fonts, 82,000 logos 17,279 clipart plus much more!
  • With over 2,000 powerful tools and features at your disposal
  • 430+ page manual, online FAQ, knowledgebase plus more
  • 200+ lessons and tutorials included at no charge

Click here to see just a few examples of what you can create with VinylMaster Software Have a previous version of VinylMaster? click here to see What’s New in V4.0

*VinylMaster Xpt supports many printer makes and models but not all, please see Supported Printers

Other Versions

You may also be interested in other sign making software from VinylMaster, as follows:

VinylMaster Pro – dedicated sign maker and vinyl cutting software for professional sign shops.

VinylMaster Ltr – vinyl sign cutter software for hobby and craft.

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24 Month Membership (3 PCs)

VinylMaster Xpt (Expert edition)
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12 Month Membership (2 PCs)

VinylMaster Xpt (Expert edition)
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Casual (monthly) Membership

VinylMaster Xpt (Expert edition)
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